Dienstag, 17. März 2015

Where Is The Best Place For A Tattoo?

Please don't expect any tattoo artist to answer you that question! There is no such thing as the "best place for a tattoo", period! This is something really personal and depends and a lot of personal preferences. I got my first tattoo on my rib cage. Left side. Why? Because the heart - yes, I know only, the left hart chamber - resides on the left side of the rip cage. For me, it was about getting a "seal" on my heart after a very rough ride in my life! So, this was the perfect spot for me to get inked. What's your prefect spot? I while ago I stumbled upon a really brilliant infographic (unfortunately I didn't saved were I found it). I would quote you the source, but I really don't know it anymore. The infographic is nice overview of the most common places to get inked.

Have a look:

Best Places to get a Tattoo on your Body

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