Dienstag, 29. September 2015

White Ink Tattoos / UV Tattoos - A Short Introduction

What white ink tattoos are: Forget about the old fashioned blue and black colored tattoos, the new age fad seems to be white ink tattoos which have been gaining popularity steadily over the last few years. White ink tattoos involve the use of, as you would know by its name, undiluted white ink. White ink tattoos look very much different than the other kind of tattoos. For one they are more transparent in nature compared to the traditional tattoos. Another distinction between white ink tattoos and other tattoos is that the former glow brilliantly under black light (that's why they are also called UV Tattoos or Glow in the Dark Tattoos)! Not everyone can and should go for white ink tattoos though; only those who are blessed with a clear, pimple-free and pale skin tone should go for these tattoos. The design of white ink tattoos vary greatly but generally speaking, they look like raised white scars painted in relief on the skin. If you are someone who yearns for uniqueness than you cannot get any more unique than getting a couple of white ink tattoos painted on your skin. Mind you though, this is not a job for amateurs so you should get them done by expert tattoo artists only!

Is it for you?

What to do before you go for white ink tattoos:  Before you get obsessed with getting white ink tattoos painted on your skin, you should make sure that you have searched for the right design that would suit your skin and if you cannot find one, then at least get the right tattoo artist who would do it for you!

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