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What Makes Tattoos Permanent?

What Makes Tattoos Permanent?

Did you ever wondered why tattoos are permanent? We all know that each cell of the body is renewing itself over time. Following this logic, a tattoo shouldn't stay for good in your skin. Right? But why is it then permanent? Good question, right?!

We could write a long article about how the skin works and why the ink stays for good in there (it does fade a bit!). Instead of writing a lot of words for you to read here is something way better. Do you know TED? If now, have a look at their website. Their tag line is "ideas worth spreading" and that's what they do. If you ever have the possibility to attend a TEDx speech some were, do that! You wont regret it for sure. But back to the topic, TED made a brilliant video and explained why tattoos stay for good in skin. In a little over four minutes you know it all.

Here it is:

Click here to see it on Youtube.

Enjoy watching it! As always thanks for reading, or in this case - watching!

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