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Angel Wings Tattoo

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Angel Wings Tattoo

The beautiful white-feathered wings of angels inspire strength and courage in us all. These holy servants of heaven deliver messages from God, protection from above, prophesies, comfort, and much more, depending on your personal faith, of course. Angels appear in many religions throughout the world, but the role they play varies on the individual level. In any case, the holy and spiritual role that angels play in our lives is undeniable. Our Angel Wings Tattoo gallery will talk all about the meaning and art behind these majestic designs—and perhaps some of them will inspire you to get one!

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Angel Wings Tattoo Meaning

There are several different types of angels that appear in lore and legend. Most memorable of them all, the guardian angel of Christians and Catholics hover near their designated soul, keeping them safe, until it’s time to escort them to heaven. These angels may have other duties, or they may be a simple onlooker in the lives of their companions. Either way, their beautiful wings protect you from evil or harm. Guardian angel tattoos are tattoos with deep meaning, and a pair of angel wings may offer just the protection you need.

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Angel wings also mean purity, faith, and innocence—no religious stuff attached. Getting a pair on your back tells others that you value these traits, and try to exercise them in your daily life. Angel wings’ meaning can even change depending on the color of the feathers or style of the wings. If the feathers are black, it usually means that their wearer has an ‘opposite’ side to them. They have seen something terrible, tragic, or they have had something tempt them in their lifetimes. Blood on the feathers usually means a betrayal or a huge turn in their life that caused them to fall off their path.

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Black feathers are also a symbol of pride in traits considered ‘negative.’ In example, someone who is proud, bold, sensual, and has a dark sense of humor might want black feathers more than  white feathers. After all, they don’t fit in with the normal concept of ‘pure.’ That doesn’t make black angel wings evil or anything—their wearers simply have lots of self-confidence and aren’t afraid to show it!

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Angel Wings Tattoo on Back

Angel wings invoke spirituality in all who see them. Their beauty and grace are perfect for large areas of skin, and especially the back. Just like an angel, you can get a tattoo of wings sprouting from your back! Small wings indicate humility and dedication, while large wings represent spirituality and creed. An angel wings tattoo on the chest might appear just as large, but showing them off proves more difficult. Large feathers that stretch onto the arms also look awesome as you move them, seemingly ‘opening’ the wings.

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Small Angel Wings Tattoo

Small angel wing tattoos for women don’t have to go on the back. You can ink them anywhere, from the ribs, to the stomach, to your ankles and wrists! On top of that, angel wings don’t have to stand on their own. You can add angel wings to other symbols to give them an enlightened meaning. Wings on a cross indicate a devout belief in God, while wings attached to other things show freedom and inventiveness.

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Mother Daughter Tattoos

mother daughter tattoos

Mother Daughter Tattoos

The love between mother and daughter is the strongest bond you could ever experience. Moms get to sit through all the highs and lows of growing up again with their daughter, and daughters get a single source of unlimited knowledge through their mother. Tempered with the good and the bad of becoming an adult and forged with love and care, mother daughter tattoos encapsulate decades of history. Whether you are looking for tattoos for you, Mom, that represents your child or a daughter trying to find the right design to convince her, these mother and daughter tattoo images have you covered!

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Mother Daughter Celtic Symbols

Intricate knots and symbols fill Celtic culture to the brim, and the Celtic mother-daughter symbol remains one of its most widely known. The symbol resembles a mother holding a child in her lap, making it easy to recognize and interpret.  Combining the symbol with the word love, flowers, or adding more knots for more children makes this a unique mother-daughter tattoo. You can get one for yourself, or get a matching one with your mother or daughter!

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mother daughter tattoos 13

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Mother Daughter Infinity Tattoos

Small mother-daughter tattoos aren’t limited to Celtic symbols. The infinity sign easily converts into the image of a mother hugging her daughter. Just look at some of our images for an example! You can also replace parts of the loop with text going in the same direction, proclaiming your love with words. An infinity symbol with two curls coming out of the center represents a mother-daughter relationship as well. Some sites claim that the curling infinity symbol is a Native American symbol or Celtic symbol, but it most likely comes from a slightly more intricate Swahili mother-daughter symbol.

mother daughter tattoos tee 1

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mother daughter tattoos 10

mother daughter tattoos 9


Mother Daughter Tattoos on Wrist

Are you a mother with multiple kids? Names tattoo ideas can baffle even the best designers, so here are some ideas on how to get tattoos that represent family, rather than just one daughter. Writing their name on your wrist in small, but eloquent, fonts allows you room for expansion. Children’s names tattoos for moms can go anywhere, but the wrist is a very visible location, while also being concealable for work situations. You can also use small animals like a family of birds to represent people—just extend the branch when someone new is born! Another way to utilize wrist space is to get the same tattoo at the same time as your daughter.

mother daughter tattoos 8

mother daughter tattoos 7

mother daughter tattoos tee 2

mother daughter tattoos 6

mother daughter tattoos 5


Meaningful tattoos for moms and daughters must live up to a lifetime of love. Whether you want tattoos for daughters, tattoos for moms, or tattoos for the both of you, talking about it with your other half can help you think of designs. Extra details and personal touches transform your design into a unique tattoo—plus, talking it out with them is half the fun anyways! Despite living together since forever, you never know what secrets they might reveal during a good, long talk. Mother daughter tattoos cement that relationship and ensure you always cherish it.



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Tattoo Table

tattoo table

Tattoo Table Review

Going Inked? Time for a Tattoo Table!

When starting a tattoo business, the first thing you need to do is purchase the best tattoo gun on the market. After that, you need a tattoo table! When you have to seat clients in the same spot for hours, you don’t want them feeling uncomfortable. An adjustable tattoo table ensures that they feel comfortable and that you can easily move them around while inking. A comfortable studio translates to more returning customers, so getting a tattoo table instead of a desk chair or hard bench is critical.

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Tattoo Bed Features

All tattoo beds have their own features, but I went ahead and made sure that these beds all have the most important ones. They all switch between a seated position and a laying position, allowing you to adjust clients easily and comfortably during long sessions. They also allow for height adjustment, so you will have no problems using these if you or your client measures shorter or taller than average. The adjustability is the same for both ends of the tables, meaning you can lift their legs above their heads if needed. They are made from different materials, but in my experience, all of them are sturdy and durable in the field.


Why Do I Need a Tattoo Table?

First and foremost, you need tattoo tables for your clients. For beginner studios especially, creating a comfortable and hygienic environment encourages people to return. The tattoo table staples together a tattoo studio environment. A hard bench creates an uncomfortable environment and encourages your clients to interrupt the session to get a much-needed stretch—which makes them a terrible alternative to the real thing! Expensive office chairs can’t adjust so that the legs are higher than the head, and on top of that, cleaning them proves difficult. Companies make tattoo beds specifically for the industry so that artists can get the most out of their products. If you can’t make your own—which is more expensive, anyways—then you need to invest in a good tattoo table.


When Should I get a Tattoo Table?

You need to get a tattoo table when you upgrade from tattooing friends to tattooing strangers. Along with all of the paperwork and the purchase of your studio, you should prioritize your purchase of this piece of furniture. The reason you need a tattoo table instead of any old chair stems from client comfort and studio hygiene. You can’t fully clean an office chair or foam chair because the interior can’t be washed. Your clients may bring in bed bugs, lice, and who knows what else that won’t ever come out of a normal chair. On top of that, spilling ink, water, or blood into office chairs promotes mold growth you’ll never be able to clean. New studios don’t need to purchase expensive tattoo tables, but they do at least need to purchase a chair made for the job.


Top Tattoo Table Selection Process

I selected these ink beds based on their price point, features, pros, cons, brand, personal experience, and especially their quality! If you are just starting your business and only have yourself as an employee, it doesn’t help to throw the most expensive chairs at you. We have affordable chairs for all levels of tattoo studios, allowing you to choose the tattoo table that suits your studio best. I ordered them based on professional level. Without further ado, here are the best tattoo tables!


Giantex Black Tattoo Table

This basic setup works wonders for a first tattoo table. The affordable price and the inclusion of a stool make it a smart purchase at the start of your business career. The black color of the seat—and all seats after this—serve an important purpose. When your clients walk in, they want to see a professional and relaxing environment. In a business that makes a bloody mess when everything goes right, any other color will become stained and gross-looking over time. If you feel you can bleach out the stains of a white or tan chair, go right ahead, but in the meantime I still suggest a black seat.

Giantex Black Massage Table

Check Price $


Compared to the other chairs on this list, the Giantex tattoo table isn’t the most comfortable. It is still miles ahead of a cold, hard bench or office chair. When your clients relax in this reclining seat and you adjust the leg rest for optimum convenience, they will remember the comfort they felt and associate your tattoo shop with positive feelings. The best tattoo shops are the ones that feel like a second home. That’s why it’s so crucial to get a tattoo table, even the economical brands! While you install this chair, make sure to secure the seat with floor protectors to prevent it from moving. The base itself is sturdy, but will slide around a little on tile floors. You can get it here.



·         Very Affordable

·         Best Intro Tattoo Table

·         Removable Face Pillow & Arm Rest


·         Arms Detach too Easily

·         Slippery Base

·         Instructions Unclear

Check Price $



TMS® 73″ Adjustable Tattoo Massage Bed

This affordable tattoo table works great for studios just starting out. This starter tattoo bed can adjust its height by two inches—which makes a huge difference, believe me. The backrest and legrest can each adjust by 45 degrees. When using this chair, sit your patients all the way in and have paper towels handy. Tattoo work creates a mess of blood, ink, sweat, water, and snacks consumed during long sessions. That stuff isn’t fun to clean, and that’s where the synthetic leather comes in. While clients did complain about the temperature of the cold leather, it was very easy to clean all of the gunk off. A simple antibacterial spray and a scrub with some paper towels will sterilize the chair for your next client. Nothing soaks in, and your inks won’t leave a stain on the black pleather.

TMS® 73 Adjustable Tattoo Bed

Check Price $

Clients visiting a new studio don’t know what to expect. Getting a tattoo table shows the professional level of your studio. A bench or an office chair just don’t compare. The three sections of a tattoo table exist to move the body of your client in a way that is convenient for you and comfortable for them. Like the others on this list, this stationary table doubles as a massage table when you remove the headrest. If you are interested in expanding your business, makeup and massage options exist with this seat. The stool included measures shorter than I find comfortable, but the price point stays affordable even when you take the stool out. Get it here at Amazon.



·         Large

·         Multi-purpose

·         Folding Design

·         Adjustable Height

·         Steel Design


·         Short Stool

·         Synthetic Leather


Check Price $


Massage Table/Bed/Chair from Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products might sound like a store-brand business, but this is actually the most affordable professional-grade tattoo table. While the first two chairs are great for solo studios, these chairs should be the minimum for a studio with multiple artists. The waterproof and oil resistant leather makes it easier to clean and keep a hygienic environment. The armrests are detachable, so you can work on inking your client’s ribs or stomach while they lay relaxed, instead of having them sit up constantly. The front and back adjust freely to add further comfort to your clients.

Massage Table/Bed/Chair from Best Choice Products

Check Price $

Although the base is not steel, it can still hold a massive amount of weight. If your client can fit in the chair without large slabs of fat hanging over the sides, your chair will hold. This tattoo table includes a small stool so you can sit beside your client. I find that it wobbles a little and its cushions don’t feel cozy, but hey, it’s a free stool! Since the leather is very slick, you will want your clients to sit in the chair as possible. No edge-hugging allowed! This reduces the risk of a disastrous slip. Honestly, this tip applies to every seat on the list, not just this one. Despite its flaws, the seat’s still a step in the right direction, and it helps give your studio that professional aura you want. Get it here.



Durable Leather

Removable Armrests

500lb Capacity



Included Stool Wobbles


Check Price $

Black Adjustable Tattoo Table From InkBed

The first ‘ink bed’ from InkBed on our list, this tattoo table represents a remarkable brand and quality. InkBed specializes in tattoo studio products, and that shows in this tattoo table in particular. This affordable seat comes with removable arms, an extendable headrest, thick foam padding, and it converts to a massage table by removing the headrest. Like every other chair by this brand, quality comes first. This chair lasts for years, and you will sooner want an upgrade of the same brand than a replacement. You can quickly move the chair and stool around the room to accommodate your clients’ needs. The sturdy base and wide seat allow it to support even the largest clients—and lord knows people are getting bigger these days.

Black Adjustable Tattoo Table From InkBed

Check Price $

The InkBed company is known for more than its high-quality chairs. Its top-notch customer service ensures that any worry or issue you might have with their product gets addressed immediately. If your chair breaks or malfunctions in any way during the chair’s first year, they will replace it for free. That means the chair can take a dedicated spot in your studio! You won’t have to worry about replacing it for at least a year, although it should last for much longer—that makes it a perfect tattoo table for small tattoo businesses. I guarantee that you will fall in love with the company, too—once you buy one of the InkBed tattoo tables, you can’t go back! Get it here.



Includes Stool

Removable Headrest


Removable Armrests

Excellent Quality


Firm Foam Padding

Check Price $



Saloniture Professional Multi-purpose Salon Chair

Saloniture normally specializes in salon products, but this Multi-purpose Salon Chair caters to tattoo artists like us! If you run multiple body art services or want to extend into salon services, getting this chair helps a bit. The firm chair material resists water, ink, and blood and you can easily clean it. It can hold up to 330lb of client, which is the norm for chairs like these. It has five angle levels for both the leg rest and backrest. The chair’s five-angle limitation makes locking the chair into place and getting the ‘perfect’ angle easier, compared to full movement. You just have to click the tattoo table into place and you’re ready. At the same time, this could bug you if you prefer full range of movement on your chairs. The whole table converts quickly, and it’s fun to surprise your client as soon as they get comfortable with the smooth transition.

Saloniture Professional Multi-purpose Salon Chair

Check Price $

Removing the head rest makes it simple to ink neck tattoos. The stool ranks as the most comfortable in the whole list, and if you don’t like the tattoo table, then I hope you consider getting the stool by itself. The chair grips the floor well, so if you think you will move it often, invest in some floor protectors. For whatever reason, Saloniture instructions rarely print out well. You can easily put the chair together by looking at the online pictures, though, so I don’t ever worry about that. Get yours here.



·         Multiple Degrees of Adjustment

·         Comfortable Cushions

·         Converts Quickly


·         Table Height Non-Adjustable

·         Base Scratches Tile Floors—Use Floor Protectors!

·         Poor Assembly Instructions


Check Price $


LCL Beauty Tattoo Package Massage Table

The LCL Beauty Tattoo Package includes more than just a chair. Along with the tattoo table, you get a stool for yourself, a wheeled tray, and an arm rest of your own. The tray is wonderful for holding your tools during long sessions and helps speed things up. If you prefer to have your stuff on a steady platform, your client might appreciate a place to put their purse or snacks. The tray, stool, and armrest all have adjustable heights to suit your needs. This makes up for the static height of the tattoo table itself.

LCL Beauty Tattoo Package Massage Table

Check Price $

Like the rest of these tattoo tables, you can change the seat settings to convert to a table. Unlike the rest of these tattoo tables, this one includes arm rests. Typically, arm rests get in the way of tattoos, but LCL Beauty made these ones detachable. The seats have a 4” thick high density foam that weathers very well. These seats will last until you feel like you could use an upgrade, rather than a replacement. Some clients complain about the firmness of the foam, but it keeps the chair feeling new for ages. This set works excellently for new studios and saves you the hassle of tracking down all those extras. LCL Beauty excels in providing affordable studio sets for aspiring tattoo artists, and this tattoo package shows that. You can get it here.



·         Welded Steel Base

·         Lasts Forever

·         Removable Arm Rests

·         Extending Headrest

·         Includes Many Other Essential Studio Items


·         Firm Foam Padding

·         Table Height Non-adjustable


Check Price $


InkBed Hydraulic Client Tattoo Massage Bed

Created by the best brand in studio equipment, the InkBed Hydraulic Tattoo Table blows its competition out of the water. Hands down, this is the best tattoo table you will find on the market. I would never substitute out for a cheaper brand or chair because this one offers so many quality of life upgrades. The price point does add up to everything else on this list, but that’s because it comes with so many extra features. The back of the chair forms a cobra shape, letting you reach your client’s sides and ribcage without making them sit up all the way. The head rest detaches from the top, in case they want a neck tattoo. Individual leg rests tops the list of best features, and lets you lift one leg to tattoo while the other can rest in a relaxed position.

InkBed Hydraulic Client Tattoo Massage Bed

Check Price $

The bed works well for more than your clients. Because of the hydraulic system in the chair, you and your employees need not waste your muscles on lifting clients higher or lower on the chair. The tattoo table does all the heavy lifting for you. You can lock the wheels of the chair to prevent sudden movement, or release them to wheel your client across the room without changing their posture. All-in-all, I highly recommend this chair and this brand. If you have a few extra dollars to pitch towards a chair—and honestly, if you are running a business you should have at least this much—then it’s time to bring an ink bed into your life. You can buy it here.


·         Top Brand (InkBed)

·         Stable Base

·         Individual leg rests

·         Extendable leg rests

·         Hydraulics



·         Professional Price Point

·         Armrests are not included (although you can get them as an add-on).

Check Price $


Portable Tattoo Tables

You can flatten most tattoo tables in a similar way to flattening those portable tables. Despite this, carrying them around feels tedious and cumbersome, and sometimes they don’t fit nicely inside your car. If you frequent tattoo conventions, it’s a huge problem—you need that table to tattoo prospective clients! Maybe you arrived here hoping to find a tattoo table that compresses enough to be portable. If that really is why you’re here…you’re in luck! I picked out two portable tattoo tables that I see often at conventions! By no means can you use these in a studio setting—they are essentially outside furniture—but you can store them in a suitcase and carry them around. Isn’t that convenient?


Merax Aluminium 3 Section Portable Massage Table

This tattoo table serves as a home-away-from-home assistant. It packages into a large, sturdy suitcase with ties for every individual part. You can raise the end to create a headrest, although the feet will then be tucked into the head area of massages…so clean it well between uses. The colors are delightful, the legs are made with aluminum for steady placement in inside and outside terrain, and it even comes with armrest straps. For its convenience, it somehow manages to be affordable. It can hold up to 500lbs. You can get it here.

Merax Aluminium 3 Section Portable Massage Table

Check Price $



MSG 3 Fold Portable Tattoo Table

This is the most affordable tattoo table on the list, although it serves as no substitute for a real tattoo table in studios. The wooden frame knocks down the price significantly, and it also cuts down on the weight of the table. Hauling it around won’t be a chore. It can hold about the same weight as the other portable table, but it doesn’t come with normal armrests or lift very high. Pleather and high-density foam make up the seat, so watching for spills that could make your client slip during the tattoo process is crucial. Get one here.

MSG 3 Fold Portable Tattoo Table

Check Price $


Shopping Tips for Tattoo Tables

When shopping for tattoo tables, be sure to look at the pros and cons, as well as what kind of features you need. If you are a brand new studio, you’ll want a chair that comes with a stool, rolling tray, and tool box…at the very minimum! If you visit conventions frequently, get a portable tattoo table instead. For replacement chairs, you only need to buy the chair itself. Lastly, for studios with more than one employee, there is no debating what type you should get. Spare no expense to purchase the hydraulic tattoo tables, or else you end up paying for your employees’ back pain. No professional tattoo studio goes without the staple of hydraulic chairs!

Phew! That was quite a lot about chairs, wasn’t it? Tattoo tables define your studio, so spend your time well researching them before you pick one out. I gathered as much information as I could here, but you need to think about the needs of your personal studio and what you aim to accomplish with your tattoo table before you make your purchase. It should be pretty clear that I favor the InkBed brand, but if you want to diversify into other areas of body art, you have many more options to consider! Whichever you choose, you are sure to give your studio both a personal and professional flair. That is the goal of a budding tattoo studio!




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