Dienstag, 17. März 2015

Ink Done Right on blogger

Welcome to our blogger.com presence. Besides operating our main blog under www.inkdoneright.com, we decided to also participate in this community. We wont be able to blog with the same frequency here as on our main site, at least not now. We are still in the process to build up our presence in the web. So WELCOME!

Who we are? Well in an essence we are a bunch of people fascinated and addicted to tattoos! One day we simply decided to start a tattoo community. The very first step was to start on facebook and twitter. After a few weeks there was already a vibrant community there. So we decided to move into the web and open a site. There we wrote a bigger blog post on our main property to explain "why" we are here - more related to the website than the deep philosophical question of life!

What the hack we are doing on blogger when we already have a main site? Good question! As every young site we are trying to get the word out! That's the pure "naked" truth. We wont ask you to go over to our site, as you will find more than enough interesting reading material on here to (over time!).

So, we hope you'll enjoy our articles! Every comment is more than welcome!

Thanks taking yourself the time to read those few lines and be welcome again!

Ink Done Right

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