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Gothic Tattoos

gothic tattoos

Gothic Tattoos

Many distinct periods of Gothic inspiration exist in our history. The Goth peoples originated somewhere in southern Scandinavia—likely, south Sweden—and expanded in bursts of conquest until they met the Romans on their borders. Long after the Gothic tribes dispersed, France created their iconic Gothic art style and Britain picked up a style of Gothic literature and architecture. In today’s article, let’s talk all about Gothic tattoos and their designs!

Gothic Tattoo Designs

I want to establish exactly what we mean by ‘Gothic’ in modern times. When we think of a Gothic story, we imagine creepy writing like Dracula, Frankenstein, or the works of Edgar Allan Poe. This movement actually mimics Romanticism, which…well, romanticized the world around the Victorians. Including death and disease. Gothic tattoos embrace the dark side of life and display it with beauty and grace.


Gothic Skull Tattoos

What does a skull symbolize? Death, of course! Time waits for no one, and at the end of the line, everyone meets death. Whether rich, poor, healthy, sickly, royal, or common—death does not discriminate. Gothic tattoos for men and women show that their wearer knows what waits for them at the end of life.


Unique skull tattoos use special symbols to get their point across. Skull and rose tattoo designs show contrast between life and death. The rose brims with life and love, while a skull cannot show emotion and remains lifeless. Both the lives of a human and a rose look short on the grand scale of things, but they retain beauty in the memories they leave behind. A skull with a rose in its mouth means that the deceased knew love.


Gothic Font Tattoos

Dating back all the way to the original Goths, Gothic script works wonders in word-based tattoos. Quotes, names, phrases, words, and abbreviations all pop when written with this iconic script. Medieval Gothic fonts defined the way we imagine fairy tales, old scripts, and even the Bible writings! Modern Gothic fonts rarely see use in tattoo work, but they use the same exaggerated lettering and simple decorations. You can learn more about Gothic fonts in our Tattoo Fonts feature!


Gothic Angel Tattoos

The Gothic art movement in France focused on religion while making highly stylized depictions of people. Rather than imitate the realistic statues of Rome, Gothic art focused on expressing emotion and exaggerated features where necessary. We know this art style from the stained glass that decorates churches! Guardian angel tattoos and fallen angel tattoos both take inspiration from Christianity and the Gothic art style.


Whether you want a small Gothic heart tattoo for your wrist or a large tribal Gothic tattoo for your back, your gothic tattoos show a glimpse into the world of history. Rather than hailing from the Goths themselves, Gothic tattoo design borrows from many cultures in the world. Communication between cultures greatly impacts the world of art, both in the present and in the future! When we get a tattoo inspired by these ancient works of art, we move history a little bit closer to us in time.



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Russian Tattoos

Russian Tattoos

Russian Tattoos

The land of Russia stretches across the globe to form the largest country in the world. Like any other country, it has its good points and its bad points, but politics don’t prevent the world of tattoo art from flourishing there. In a country renowned for its variety, hospitable nature, scenic wilderness, and rich history, tattoo artists take inspiration from all around them. Today, let’s talk all about the world of Russian tattoos, their meanings, and even their unique style! This gallery of Russian tattoos shows off the variety of the amazing Russia.


Russian Tattoos and Their Meanings

When people Google the meanings of Russian tattoos, they probably want to know the meaning of Russian prison tattoos. While I will show off a few of those, this gallery will not focus on them! Unlike American tattoos, patriotic designs do not make up the majority. Instead, religion takes the spotlight and shines. The Russian Orthodox Church boasts 150 million members, although quite a few Russians emigrated in order to continue the traditional form of Christianity that preceded it.


If the tattoo inspiration did not come from religion or the world of crime, then the tattoo retains a personal meaning. If you see a tattooed Russian, simply ask what their tattoo means!


Temhota Russian Tattoos

Temhota means darkness in Russian, and prisoners and ex-cons use the word to describe their mafia-inspired tattoos. Russian mafia tattoo meanings have their own dictionaries. In example, this tattoo might depict the myth of Prometheus chained to a rock after stealing fire for humanity, but the sail boat on the sea gives it a deeper meaning. The tattoo tells everyone who sees it ‘this man travels, steals, and escapes to tell the tale.’


A snake around the neck means drug addiction, the eight-pointed star (or rosette) means a thief known all across the world, epaulettes show a disdain towards the government, and the list goes on. Of note, a Nazi swastika does not necessarily depict a Nazi sympathizer. Rather, the tattoo means that the prisoner hates the prison guards, who act as Nazi generals towards them. Some prisons even forced them to remove their tattoos because of this jab at their authority. No one likes getting called a Nazi.


Khokhloma Russian Tattoos

Moving away from the darker side of Russian tattoos, Khokhloma Russian tattoos show a traditional form of painting native to Russia. Because of the abundance of blank ink used in this painting style, they translate well into tattoos. On top of that, the typical colors of Khokhloma—gold and red—make spectacular tattoo inks. The usual subjects include sparrows, roosters, pheasants, peacocks, foxes, bears and—present in every tattoo—tons of flowering vines.


Modern Russian Tattoos

Of course, just like every other country, Russian tattoo artists create more than traditional tattoo designs. They use a unique type of 3D patterning that could give tribal designs a run for their money! They also use an interesting painting style on their realistic tattoos. But, above all, they use their inks to the best of their ability. Without a doubt, Russia boasts some of the world’s greatest tattoo artists!


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Unicorn Tattoo

Unicorn tattoo

Unicorn Tattoo

Ready to take the next step up from glittery temporary tattoos? Today, let’s talk about unicorns! These beautiful beasts rest just beyond that line of ‘myth’ and ‘reality’—close enough for one-horned goats to exist, but too far from reality to ever meet our expectations. Art can ignore those standards of reality, though! Check out more than a dozen unicorn tattoo pictures and see if any catch your eye or inspire you!


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Unicorn Tattoo Meaning

What does a unicorn symbolize? The answer changes drastically depending on the person, since unicorns carry so many different meanings! They represent magic, rarity, purity, and heroism in the oldest unicorn stories. Celtic unicorn tattoos also mean endurance, fertility, and kindness. Their fondness for virgin girls made them masculine in classic times, but that association continues to shift.


That brings us to another major meaning—gay pride! When purity shifted to a feminine trait in modern society, the unicorn became feminine with it. Because of this blurry gender line and association with tons of rainbows, the unicorn makes an awesome LGBT symbol. Within the community, the slang ‘unicorn’ can describe a very rare type of person, such as a bi woman looking for relationships with swingers or a gay man that desires a long-term relationship.


Lastly, a pink unicorn tattoo that fades out represents an Invisible Pink Unicorn goddess. If you can’t see her, you can’t prove that she doesn’t exist! Because the history of unicorn symbols covers so many different topics, you must never assume what a tattoo means. For all we know, a unicorn tattoo could just mean that they love The Last Unicorn book!


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Simple Unicorn Tattoo

Sometimes we just want a small, cute unicorn tattoo. A Celtic tribal tattoo pays tribute to the classical symbolism of the unicorn, along with an art style that matches. A unicorn outline tattoo saves you the trouble of picking a style and gets the message across easily—plus, you can reference heraldic tattoo designs! If you crave a cartoony look, check out neo-traditional style unicorn tattoos!


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Cool Unicorn Tattoos

Want a fabulous piece of art that screams confidence and coolness? The best unicorn tattoos for men and women alike all start with a concept. To avoid a unicorn tattoo fail, simply ensure that your artist can draw horses. If you want a color tattoo, check out their shading examples! Tell your artist what emotion you want to evoke and they will incorporate that into your tattoo. By focusing on emotion and form, the meaning of your unicorn tattoo becomes more apparent.


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These majestic beasts represent more than a horse with a horn attached to its head. They represent a part of our soul that we should always remember. Unicorns and magic exist through the power of pure imagination, and that same imagination can power us through the good and bad times. In our lifetime, we will all encounter evils, but we strive to remain undaunted and pure. A unicorn tattoo stands as a testament to this desire and shows the world that, no matter what it throws at us, we will take the higher road.



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Lower Back Tattoos

Lower Back Tattoos

Lower Back Tattoos

Unique lower back tattoos take advantage of the body’s natural curves and enhances them. The result makes a beautiful work of art that we can see whenever it gets sunny outside! A stigma surrounds the world of so-called ‘tramp stamps,’ but today we’ll take our time looking at unique lower back tattoos and their wonderful designs, like they were meant to be seen. I filled today’s gallery to the brim with lower back tattoo pictures so that you can sit back and appreciate this beautiful form of body art!


Lower Back Tattoos Meaning

Why are lower back tattoos called tramp stamps? The answer lies within centuries of stigma surrounding the art of tattooing. The association between criminals and tattoos remains even in today’s world, and combining that with a location considered erotic by some leads to a tattoo associated with promiscuity. However, the fact remains that a lower back tattoo represents a work of art in a location that shows off the body.


Attaching the name ‘tramp stamp’ or notions of promiscuity to it does nothing to change this. Lower back tattoos are ultimately just that—tattoos located on the lower back. Anyone who posits that they represent anything more perpetuates a myth of the tattoo world, or perhaps enjoys some wishful thinking. There’s nothing wrong with someone sleeping with another person whenever they want to, but when you assume that someone’s like that just because of a tattoo they have, that’s when you fall prey to a stereotype.


Lower Back Tribal Tattoos

Beautiful back tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. Tribal tattoos work particularly well for lower back tattoos because of their vivid lines and continuous pattern. The lower back looks incredibly different for every person and its shape changes dramatically across their lifetimes. Whenever you lose fat or gain muscle, the shape of your back gets impacted by it. Tribal designs show off any type of curve and look good throughout your lifetime.


Other Lower Back Tattoo Ideas

Getting names tattooed onto your skin might be a recipe for disaster, but if you have been planning the tattoo for years, then you might as well go for a lower back name tattoo! A simple word or quote can make a tattoo meaningful over the years, too. Lower back flower tattoos make excellent men’s and women’s back tattoos, especially if you want to show off your sensitive side. Tattoo designs that extend into your upper back make good use of negative space.


Lower back tattoo pain ranks in at ‘mild,’ you can confidently get your first tattoo there. The closer you get to your spine or your butt, the more sensitive your skin will feel, but the process still feels better compared to most other parts of your body. Despite the stigma surrounding them, lower back tattoos show everyone that you value your body and take full control over it. In fact, the stigma helps with that, and shows your bravery to its fullest! Your tattoo tells everyone, ‘I don’t care what you think, I am proud of who I am, and my body is a work of art!


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